Crossfell Murphy Bed by Red Barrel Studio Reviewed

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It’s common to want everything for your bedroom or guestroom: great looking storage, a nice bed, and extra space to ensure it still feels roomy and comfortable.

However, especially for smaller rooms, it can be difficult to check off all the boxes when it comes to our expectations. In these cases, we have to be crafty when it comes to the furniture we include in our rooms. One of the best ways to maintain a good amount of space in your room without sacrificing on the quality of your storage or bed is by using a Murphy bed.

The Crossfell Murphy Bed is the ideal choice for anyone looking to maximize their bedroom’s, guestroom or home office space while maintaining a stylish room.

Crossfell Murphy Bed, by Red Barrel Studio

The Crossfell Murphy Bed is available in full or queen size, which means that you can easily accommodate guests there when needed. It comes with multiple adjustable shelves that allow you to customize the structure based on your needs. 


  • It comes with two bookshelf units already included (2 fixed and 3 adjustable shelves on each side).
  • The bed frame is made of manufactured wood and has 1000 lbs. weight capacity.
  • Easy-to-use pullout method allows you to transition bed in seconds.
  • Has safe dual piston system so you can open and close the bed easily.
  • The product is covered by 1 year limited warranty.

The Crossfell Murphy Bed is sturdy, and made with high-quality materials that ensure you get your money’s worth. When you need to use the bed, you can easily pull it out at a moment’s notice for optimal convenience to reveal a comfortable, plush place to sleep.


3 Different Color Options:

Crossfell Murphy Bed in white chocolate bark gray

It’s available in three colors: chocolate, bark gray and white, so you can choose the perfect fit for your home.


The Crossfell Murphy Bed is available in two sizes: full and queen. Keep in mind that there are two storage units on each side, which take up additional space. However, the storage units are not attached to the bed frame and can actually be placed somewhere else in the room.

  • Full size overall dimensions: 83.62″ high x 18.2″ wide x 108.625″ long.
  • Queen size overall dimensions: 89.1″ high x 20.25″ wide x 114.62″ long.
  • The height of your ceiling should be at least 91.125 inches or more.
  • The shelves are 18.2″ deep on each side.

Tip: If your room is smaller and can only accommodate a smaller size murphy bed, then check out the  Audet Storage Murphy Bed, which measures only 40.75” high x 63.5” wide and 80.25″ long for the queen size. 

Crossfell murphy bed red barrel studio

The Crossfell Murphy Bed comes with a Euro slat support system, you can rest assured you’re getting optimal support while you sleep. Plus, there is no box spring required.

What Mattress Should You Use?

Keep in mind that the Crossfell Murphy Bed does not come with a mattress already included. This means that you have to use your own or purchase a new one. You should pay close attention to how thick the mattress is and how much it weights.

  • For the full size murphy bed the mattress should not exceed 10″ in thickness and should weight at least 70 lbs.
  • For the queen size murphy bed the mattress should not exceed 12″ in thickness and should weight at least 70 lbs.

If you use a thicker mattress, the bed won’t be able to close properly. Also, if the mattress weights less than 70 lbs. then it won’t stay all the way down when the bed is extended. If you prefer to buy a murphy bed with a mattress already included, check out our guide on the best murphy and cabinet beds with mattress.

Crossfell Murphy Bed Reviews

The Crossfell Murphy Bed provides the storage space and sleeping arrangements necessary for a smaller room. When it comes to the customer satisfaction and reviews of this product, the Crossfell Murphy Bed has great reviews – it is currently rated 4.6 out of 5 stars, with over 490 reviews so far. Here’s some of the things customers have shared about their purchase:


  • Bed looks beautiful and high-quality
  • Offers plenty of storage space and customization to meet your needs
  • Comfortable bed is sturdy and does not move around overnight
  • Easy to use and simple to extend and pack away as needed


  • May take a while to assemble
  • Frame may wear after repeated use
  • One shelf on each side is not adjustable 

Additionally, some customers noted damaged pieces upon arrival. Be sure to check the condition of your delivery to confirm nothing is damaged before you start assembling the bed. Also, keep in mind that this product will arrive in 7 boxes.

Bottom Line – Is It Worth It?

The Crossfell Murphy Bed is the ideal solution to anyone looking for more space in their bedroom. This dynamic piece ensures you get plenty of organization space, while still providing a comfortable bed and overall high-quality piece that adds to your room.

The Crossfell Murphy Bed is priced at around $2,649.99-$3,199.99 depending on the time of purchase and the size/color selected. Overall, it’s a fantastic choice for your Murphy bed needs!



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