Walley Storage Murphy Bed Reviews

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Nowadays living spaces, especially bedrooms, are required to be more functional. Many of us need to work from home for which there is a need for added space to incorporate a home office. In addition to this, many people live in compact apartments or single-room apartments where it is difficult to create a workstation or manage ample storage space without compromising on style and comfort.

Along with the comfort factor, the storage option is also something that is a must for a fully functional bedroom. A murphy bed is a solution to the problems of little storage options available in single-room apartments or compact apartments to facilitate day-to-day living.

In this review, we’ll take a close look at the Walley Storage Murphy Bed to help you decide like if this is the right furniture item for your home.

Walley Storage Murphy Bed, by Brayden Studio

Walley Storage Murphy Bed is a good choice if you wish to make your home multifunctional. It’s made in Canada by the furniture brand Brayden Studio. The frame of this bed is sure to blend well with your existing home décor style to create a perfect minimalist look.


  • This murphy bed comes in full size or queen size.
  • The storage unit is included in the price and can be assembled on the left or right side.
  • The bed frame is made of metal and manufactured wood.
  • The weight capacity of the bed is 1000 pounds.
  • This bed comes with ample storage space with drawers and shelves.
  • Comes with 1 year warranty. 

The Walley Storage Murphy Bed comes with a matching storage unit, which you can use to store away clothes and books there. This means that you don’t have to buy a dresser separately, since the storage unit will do a great job. You can choose between three color options: bark gray, white, or chocolate. 


walley storage murphy bed in white gray or chocolate


Keep in mind that murphy beds are tall and with the Walley Storage Murphy Bed the minimum ceiling height required for your room is 7 feet. The width of the bed plus the shelf is 94.37 inches. The full size murphy bed measures: 58.7” wide x 85.4” long, while the queen size bed measures: 64.6” W x 89.1” L.

Walley Storage Murphy Bed dimensions full queen

As far as the mattress goes, the mattress you use should be between 10-12 inches thick. Make sure it does not exceed 12″, otherwise the bed won’t be able to close completely. The Walley Murphy Bed doesn’t come with a mattress included, but you can check out some great Murphy/Cabinet beds that come with a mattress here.

Storage Unit

There is one storage unit included with the murphy bed, which includes three drawers and 5 adjustable shelves. The unit can be mounted on the left or right side of the bed, or you can move it to a completely different part of the room since this is a free standing unit. The interior dimensions of the drawers are 32.25″ wide x 15″ deep x 8 7/8″ high. You can check out more murphy beds with storage here.

Walley Storage Murphy Bed Review

Walley Storage Murphy Bed has plenty of positive reviews and scores a rating of 4.3/5 stars from 171 customers.

People like the fact that it is a sturdy and solid piece, and that it is very functional since you get both a bed and additional storage. They also love how beautiful and stylish it looks and are receiving many compliments from guests and friends who are staying over. The fact that this bed folds, means that people have more room for a home office or for more free space in a small bedroom.

On the down side, several people have mentioned that the assembly was difficult and it took them longer to put together than expected. While others have said that they are glad that they have ordered the additional assembly service, since it saved them a lot of work and time.

Bottom Line – Is it Worth the Purchase?

Additional storage options are always preferred by families. Walley Storage Murphy Bed is loved by customers because it’s compact and beautiful. Moreover, customers love this product for its added storage options. This Walley Storage Murphy Bed is proven to be a smart choice if you are looking for these three elements; comfort, multifunctionality, and elegance.

At the time of writing this review, this product was priced between $1,993.32 – $2,146.65, with an impressive 49% discount. If you choose to buy the Walley Storage Murphy Bed it is sure to make your living space more functional and appealing at the same time.



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