Teal and Grey Living Room Ideas

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The colors teal and grey have been paired together to create some of the most charming interiors over the years. From a psychological standpoint, teal gives off a calming, yet renewing sensation. Grey is considered a neutral tone – as it lies between black and white, and it is a subdued and quiet color. When you combine the two colors, it creates a pleasant, easy environment, especially for the home.

Whether you want your space to be bold and bursting with color or relaxing and calm, below are a list of suggestions on how you can incorporate teal and grey in your living room.

When you’re aiming for something bold and bright

  • Turquoise and grey with peacock accents. Peacock feathers and its colors are beautiful and are great for adding something special.
  • Grey living room with dark teal wall.
  • A grey living room with a large ornately patterned teal rug. The ornately patterned teal rug will stand out and will add drama.
  • Dark grey, teal, and dark blue color scheme

When you prefer relaxing and calm vibes:

  • A grey living room with a solid teal rug. The teal rug adds a pop of color but does not overdo it.
  • Mixing in colors like greige and brown, in addition to teal and grey will add warmth and dimension
  • Silver grey and teal accents. The silver grey will give a sense of sophistication.
  • Grey and teal with a hint of green accents. The green will enhance a feeling of calm.

1. Teal Wall Color

turquoise teal wall in living roomPhoto Credit by F&P Interiors

A beautiful way to incorporate turquoise into your home is add it to your walls. A great way to spice up a teal adorned room is to add a mixture of textures and rich colors through the artwork and cushions placed, while adding in furniture with warm or golden accents. Examples could be a beige couch, a cream footstool, or a brass finished coffee table. Make sure to use a good balance of warm and cool tones throughout the space.

2. Teal Curtains and Grey Walls

An easy way to add teal into your home is by using teal curtains. Teal curtains will add a pop of color that is stylish but not overstated. Start with grey walls and mostly grey furniture. Add in turquoise curtains and a few teal pillows along with some grey pillows. Incorporate an accent rug with bits of teal and some other similar colors, along with teal colored vases, sculptures, or any other teal toned decorative pieces throughout the room. In the end you’ll have a beautifully decorated living room, with every piece standing together effortlessly.

2. Teal Chairs in Living Room

Photo by Hammer Architects

Teal chairs are also another chic way to style your living room. From teal accent chairs to teal couches, teal furniture can add something unique and interesting to any home. There are also many different upholstery fabrics to choose from as well. Use dark teal in velvet for a posh-looking room. To add variety, you can opt for a white and teal patterned look. Chairs to keep in mind are wingback or any that are mid-century modern inspired. Check out our list of the best loveseats, in case you’re looking for a stylish loveseat for your living room.

4. Teal Accents in Grey Living Room

The easiest way to add some teal in your living room, is by adding a few teal colored throw pillows on your couch or sofa. You’ll be able to find them in just about any online furniture retailer and they’ll cost about $25 for a pair. You may even get them in velvet fabric, which will give them a more rich and interesting look depending on the lighting in your living room. Other ideas for turquoise accents include: coffee table tray, decorative trays and bowls, vase, lamp, wall art with teal color inside and other home accessories. From the picture above you’ll notice that the three colors: grey, teal and mustard go very nicely together.

5. Teal Sofa in Grey Living Room

Teal Chaise Sofa in grey living roomPhoto Credit by The DIY Mommy
Here you have a lovely chaise sofa with an ottoman in teal velvet fabric. The ottoman can be used as a coffee table when you place a tray on top or can be used as an extra seating space when you have guests over. The walls are painted in white and grey on top. There are two leather chairs with oak frame, which match very well with the teal and the rest of the furniture in the room. While the curtains here are white, another option would have been to replace them with teal curtains, to create the perfect balance.

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