Novogratz Kelly Upholstered Bed with Storage Reviews

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A large bed can be a major space investment in a bedroom, taking up a place that could be used for storage, for example: a dresser, chest, or even an armoire. Luckily, you will not have to pick between a larger bed or more space for your dressers, as the Novogratz Kelly Upholstered Bed with Storage combines the two features into one versatile piece of furniture.

Multiple colors are offered, ranging from ivory to green and even navy blue. This allows it to match pre-established décor or serve as the basis for an entirely new set of furnishings.

Kelly Upholstered Storage Platform Bed, by Novogratz

The storage offered with this bed comes in the form of drawers, two with the twin bed, and four for the larger sizes. The interior of these drawers is 6.5” high, so you can store clothes, bedding and other small or large items inside. The frame is mostly composed of metal for a sturdy construction, while the drawers are made with manufactured wood.


  • There are four spacious storage drawers built-in (the twin size comes with two).
  • This is a sturdy bed with weight capacity of 500 lbs. (for the queen and king sizes), 450 lbs. (for the full size) and 250 lbs. (for the twin size).
  • Comes with Bentwood slat support system (no box spring is required).
  • This product is covered by a 1 year limited warranty.

The frame for this bed comes upholstered in a variety of colors, from navy blue to light gray, to black, to green, and finally dark gray. The light gray option is upholstered in velvet, while the other colors are done in 100% polyester or polyester blend style.


kelly upholstered storage platform bed in gray, navy, ivory color

The Novogratz Kelly Upholstered bed in navy blue, green, dark gray, ivory, and light gray color.


The Novogratz Kelly Upholstered Bed with Storage is offered in several sizes. It starts at twin and go all the way up to king, though the price increases the larger the bed becomes. The headboard for all sizes is 39″ tall and is approximately 2″ deep. Below you can find the dimensions of all four sizes:

  • Twin size dimensions are: 39” tall, 42” wide, and 79” long.
  • Full size dimensions are: 39” tall, 57” wide, and 79” long.
  • Queen size dimensions are: 39” tall, 63” wide, and 84.5” long.
  • King size dimensions are: 39” tall, 78.5” wide, and 83.5” long.

The distance from the top of the slats to the top of the headboard is 27.5″. The recommended mattress thickness is 8″. If you decide to use a thicker mattress, it will cover the headboard more.

Storage Drawers:

One of the reasons why so many people choose the Kelly bed is because it comes with 4 drawers. Only the twin size comes with 2, while all the other sizes have 4. The exact dimensions of the drawers are: 12″ high x 35″ wide x 23.5″ deep. You can store clothes, towels, pillows, and other items inside. Each drawer can be opened separately, allowing for easy access.

Novogratz Kelly Bed with four storage drawers

Tip: Another popular storage bed is the Morphis Upholstered Storage Platform, by Brayden Studio. It has a lift-up storage space, which holds more items than the four drawers of the Novogratz Kelly bed.

Delivery and Assembly Information

The Novogratz Kelly Upholstered Bed with Storage arrives in one box, and it has been noted by customers that this box is rather heavy. It can be delivered right to your front door or to your garage if that is a more convenient option.

Attempting to assemble the bed alone is not recommended due to the heft of the bed, as well as the complexity of the assembly process. Full assembly is required, and if you are not willing to assemble it yourself you can order professional assembly from Wayfair’s website.

No additional tools are required to assemble the bed, and power tools should be avoided as they are liable to damage the bed even if used properly. If the instructions are lost or damaged, they can be retrieved online at Wayfair’s website to be printed or referenced. The drawers also roll along the floor instead of being placed on tracks within the bed frame.

Novogratz Kelly Upholstered Bed with Storage Reviews

The Kelly Upholstered Storage Platform Bed stands with lofty reviews from satisfied customers, being rated at 4.5/5 stars with over 585 reviews. Of these reviews, over 400 are excellent, while only 28 customers have given it 2 stars or less.


Several customers have left pleasant reviews for the product, and even provide images of where the bed is in their house and how well it matches their décor.

  • The storage space is highly praised by customers, with one customer even replacing a dresser with the storage afforded by the bed.
  • It is noted to be quite durable.
  • Assembly is listed as easy if not time consuming by satisfied customers.


There are some folks who are less than satisfied with the bed, as well as the delivery conditions tied to the service.

  • Some customers dislike how small the headboard appears when using a thick mattress. The recommended mattress thickness is 8 inches for reference.
  • Disappointment over the drawers not being fully connected to the bed and instead being floor rollers is also mentioned in a few reviews.
  • While the bed frame is durable, some concerns have been noted about the relative flimsiness of the drawers as well.

Bottom Line – Is It Worth Buying?

The Novogratz Kelly Upholstered Bed with Storage has many positive reviews that mark it out as a worthwhile product. Two of the most praised features are the numerous color options as well as the generous storage space.

The price for this bed can vary widely depending on the price and color you select, starting as low as $489.99 and going as high as $1,013.00. While this higher price tag might be prohibitive to some, the quality of the bed is well within acceptability for the price range it falls into. Overall, this bed is both a comfy place to rest and a neat storage solution, and well worth consideration as a bedroom furnishing.



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