Greta Recycled Leather XL Sleeper Sofa Reviews

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Sofas are the centerpiece of any modern living room, they are a family gathering spot whether you are about to watch a movie, or catch the big game, so picking one that meets your needs is important. There are several factors to consider when you are out shopping for a sofa, so here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Size matters – Think about how many people the sofa is going to need to accommodate on a regular basis. This should inform your decision as to how large of a sofa you will need. For example, two seater sofas are approximately 50″ wide, while a three seater sofa is about 80″ wide. The Greta Sofa is 82″ wide allowing for three people to sit comfortably.
  • Color – As the centerpiece of your living room, the sofa will need to match your décor. You may want to pick a neutral color such as gray, beige, taupe or cream. The Greta Recycled Leather Sofa is available in light brown, which also blends easily with different styles and color schemes.
  • Alternative Functions – Do you want your sofa to double as a storage space? As a bed? There are options for this, though they usually cost extra. Sofas with moving parts also tend to wear out and break more frequently than standard pieces.

Greta Recycled Leather XL Sleeper Sofa, by Urban Outfitters

As the name implies, this is a rather large sofa that opens and doubles as a sleeper. Rather than having a hidden mattress or elaborate fold out mechanism, the sofa simply reclines into a state more suitable for sleep. The material used in the sofa is environmentally friendly, with the exterior covering being made from recycled leather, while the internal material is sourced from recycled foam. This leather comes in a single color, light brown. 


  • The Greta sofa has a sturdy metal frame and is filled with recycled foam. 
  • It’s upholstered with soft recycled leather.
  • The back of the sofa adjusts in 3 positions: from fully upright, to half-way reclined, to fully flat.
  • Can be used as a sleeper sofa with sleeping area of: 82″long x 51″wide.

Legs are also absent from the sofa, leaving it sitting directly on the floor. This can prevent frustration from objects sliding underneath. Separate cushions are also absent, so food and other objects will not get lodged between them. Cleaning is a breeze with this sofa.



The Greta Recycled Leather XL Sleeper Sofa can seat three people comfortably. When folded into a sleeper it can sleep one or two people, as the sleeping area is similar to a full size bed.

Greta Sleeper Sofa Bed

  • Dimensions for the couch form are 82” long, 41.7” wide, and 30.8” tall.
  • Dimensions for the bed form are 82” long, 51” wide, and 12.6” tall.
  • While there are no separate cushions, there are seating spaces, with each one being 24.4” wide, 24.24 inches deep, and 12.6” tall.
  • The entire sofa weighs 99lbs.

Delivery and Assembly Information:

The sofa is delivered in one box, the dimensions of said box being 84.2” long, 52.7” wide, and 12.6” tall. The entire package weighs 110 pounds, so working with someone else to bring it into your home is advised. Some assembly is required, but the tools necessary to complete the assembly are included with the package. Power tools should be avoided as they have the potential to damage the leather used on the sofa.

There is an additional fee when ordering delivery, and this comes to $99.95. This is not per piece though, so if you are buying furniture from Urban Outfitters make sure to get them all in the same order to save on this delivery fee.

Greta Recycled Leather XL Sleeper Sofa Reviews

The sofa has only garnered 14 reviews on Urban Outfitters, sitting at 4.0 stars out of a possible five. Several customers even provided photos to show where the sofa was placed in their home and how it lines up with their décor.


  • It has been praised for its comfort in both sleeper and couch form.
  • Ease of assembly has been recognized in several reviews.
  • The look of the sofa has also been positively regarded in a handful of reviews.


  • Some customers report that the couch begins to make a loud squeaking noise after repeated use, with no way to fix it as the metal is all internal.
  • The price tag is also thought of as a bit too high by some customers, especially given the tendency to start to squeak. As an alternative, you can check out the Winslow Sleeper Sofa, which is priced under $600.
  • The quality of the recycled leather is also called into question by a few reviews.

Bottom Line – Is It Worth Buying?

This couch has received rather middling reviews, and only a handful of reviews in total. The price is also somewhat high, sitting at $949 dollar. However the materials used are environmentally friendly, which is one of the reasons for the price being on the high side. Still if you need a couch that doubles as a bed, then this is a good start. Just be gentle with it, and it should serve you very well.



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