Billington Storage Murphy Bed by Three Posts Reviews

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More and more people are living in smaller homes these days. But you can still make any small space feel like home with some carefully planned and structured furniture styles that bring coziness and comfort together in your home.

Murphy beds  are popular solutions for space constrained apartments or houses and provide homeowners with space-efficient, stylish and comfortable furniture that provides sleeping, storage, and style opportunities. The Billington Storage Murphy Bed offers several things: comfortable sleeping area, built-in storage space, and contemporary design.

Billington Storage Murphy Bed by Three Posts

The Billington Murphy Bed stands out thanks to its built in drawers and shelving. Designed as a combination bookshelf, dresser, and bed the piece offers an extending bed frame that folds out from the middle of the shelf and is meant to provide extendable, compact sleeping quarters.


  • There are  three drawers and three shelves on each side of the bed.
  • The Billington Murphy Bed is made in Canada using manufactured wood and metal.
  • The weight capacity of the bed is 1,000 lbs.
  • It can accommodate a mattress up to 10″ thick for the full size and up to 12″ for the queen size (needs to be purchased separately).
  • Comes with 2 year warranty on mechanism and 10 year warranty on the bed frame structure.

The Billington Storage Murphy Bed includes a headboard and build-in storage all made of durable manufactured wood for high-quality support while you sleep. It offers increased comfort thanks to a Euro slat mattress support system that provides increased responsiveness. Your mattress is not included but can accommodate full or queen size beds, so you can select the mattress of your choice. For the bed frame, you can add on a five year protection plan to ensure an extended warranty for your new investment furniture piece.



You can buy the Bullington Storage Murphy Bed in two sizes: full or queen. If you’re looking for a twin size murphy bed, check out the Audet Storage Murphy Bed with Mattress, which is available in Twin XL size. Make sure you carefully check the dimensions and measure the space you have in the room where you’re planning on placing the bed.

  • The full size measures: 89.88” high x 20” wide 93.35” long
  • The queen size measures: 89.9” high x 22.6” wide x 114.8” long

Please keep in mind that you also need to measure your ceiling height carefully. Your ceiling needs to be at least 89″ (for full size) or 93″ (of queen size) in order to raise the bed when you’re assembling it.

Billington Storage Murphy Bed in white or brown

Storage Space:

There are two storage units on each side of the murphy bed, which create plenty of storage space for different belongings. There are six drawers and eight open cubbies in total. The drawers are mounted on ball-bearing slides, so you can open and close them smoothly and easily. There are two fixed and four adjustable shelves, so you can arrange and display your items according to your needs.

  • The dimensions of the drawers are: 9.5″ high x 21.5″ wide x 16″ deep.

All three units are actually free standing and can be moved to a different place in the room if needed. Check out more murphy beds with bookcase and storage space built in, so you can decide which option is right for you.

Billington Storage Murphy Bed Reviews

Customers overall appreciate the performance and versatility of the Billington Storage Murphy bed and have it a relatively high rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from 95 reviews.


  • Most reviewers saw the Billington Storage Murphy bed as an elegant and sturdy bed.
  • Many find the storage space to be more than sufficient and the bed to be comfortable to sleep on.
  • Fits perfectly in a guest room or home office. 
  • The entire bed packs and stores very compactly behind false cabinet doors according to many owners. They are also happy with how it looks once assembled, saying that it’s beautiful and practical.


  • The Billington Storage Murphy bed can be a challenge to assemble according to many different reviewers and purchasers. Many recommend hiring a handyman to put it together to save yourself the stress, but it is possible to assemble with a partner.
  • The estimated assembly time when two people are working together is 5-6 hours, but this time varies according to their level of expertise. For some it took them several hours, others mentioned that it took them a 1-3 days. 

In summary, many feel that the Billington Storage Murphy Bed is a highly versatile and reliable option for tight spaces. For example: studio apartments, a home office, or any space where you just don’t have enough room to fit a full bed comfortably at all times. If you decide to invest in this murphy bed now, you’re sure to enjoy its benefits for many years.

Bottom Line – Is it worth it?

Overall, most customers thoroughly enjoy the Billington Storage Murphy Bed and view it as a comfortable, versatile, and efficient piece of furniture. When it comes to the price of the bed, this will depend on a few things: what size you’re looking to buy (full or queen), what color, and whether or not it’s on sale right now. Generally the Billington bed is priced around $2,459.99 – $2,574.99, when there is a 45% discount on this item. While the regular price is around $4,770.15 – $4,885.15. Make sure you check its current price and see if your size and color option is in stock right now, by clicking on the button below. 



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