What Is A Coverlet? Buying Guide & Sizes Explained

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When shopping for new bedding, it is important to know what options are available to you. This way, you can ensure you are choosing a bedding set that keeps you comfortable throughout the night. In addition to comfort, you want to choose bedding that also looks beautiful and is functional for your bedroom.

For example, you may be interested in purchasing a coverlet for your bed, but you do want to keep in mind that a coverlet is different from other bedding options. Luckily, you can easily learn everything you need to know about a coverlet in this 5 step guide.

What Is A Coverlet?

A coverlet is a lightweight blanket that is placed on top of your bedding for warmth or decorative purposes. Coverlets are made of various materials, but the most common materials are cotton and linen.

Different From Other Bedding

You may be wondering how a coverlet is different from other bedding. A comforter, duvet or quilt can be used as a standalone blanket, while a coverlet is usually used as an extra layer of bedding during the colder seasons. During the warmer seasons, you may decide to use your coverlet as your main blanket. This way, you can feel comfortable on cooler nights without feeling overheated.

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How To Use A Coverlet?

Using a coverlet is easy because all you need to do is place it on top of your existing bedding. This may be a comforter and sheet during the cooler months or just a sheet during the warmer months. They come in many colors and designs, allowing you to find a coverlet that looks great with your bedding. Use the it to create an attractive display on your bed.

So when should you use a coverlet? It depends on why you are buying a coverlet in the first place. You should use it when you want to add an extra layer of warmth to your bed during any season.

If you are using the coverlet for decorative purposes, you should fold and display it whenever you make your bed. You’ll then want to remove it from your bed, when you go to sleep at night.

Tip: If you have a larger bedroom, consider buying a bedroom bench, which you can place at the end of the bed. Our top favorite bedroom benches are the Manuel bench and Cordelia bench, which come in wide range of colors.

Caring Instructions

It is easy to care for a coverlet because it is a low-maintenance product. Coverlets can easily fit inside your washer and dryer because of the thin, lightweight material. Of course, you want to check the instructions to ensure that it can be placed inside the washer and dryer. You may have to hand-wash or dry-clean your coverlet, and you may need to air-dry it for several hours or days.

How often you need to wash your coverlet is going to depend on how you use it. If you are using it as the main blanket with your sheets, it is best to wash it once a month. However, if your coverlet is not coming into contact with your skin, you only need to wash it once per season.

Coverlet vs. Bedspread vs. Throws

Many people might be confusing a coverlet with a bedspread or a throw, however there is a difference between them. Bedspreads are usually oversized and are meant to be tucked under the pillows and hung down to the floor at the footend of the bed. They are usually made of 100% cotton and in some cases may be quilted.

Coverlets on the other hand are smaller in size, since they are meant to be a decorative element at the foot of your bed, and are thinner and not quilted.

coverlet vs bedspread

A throw blanket might be the closest bedding option to a coverlet, as it’s used to cover the footend of the bed. Depending on the size of the throw blanket it can touch the floor on each size of the bed, or it may come to a slight drop on each side.

A throw blanket can be used for both decorative purposes and for additional layer of warmth, in case you get cold at night. You can use a throw blanket for your couch as well.

How To Choose The Right One?

Before you go shopping for a coverlet, here are a few things you should keep in mind.¬†First you want to check what material it is made of, usually they are 100% cotton or linen. Then you’ll want to check the care instructions to see if you can machine wash it and/or tumble dry it in your washing machine.

Secondly, you’ll want to check the size of the coverlet, this way you can determine how it will look on your bed. For example, a coverlet that is 110″ long and 102″ wide will have a 20″ drop on each side if you use it with a Queen-size bed, and a 12″ drop on each size if you use it with a King size bed.

Lastly, you’ll want to choose the right color and style. You want the coverlet to blend well with your existing bedding, or you may use it as an accent to add a pop of color to your bedroom.

While a coverlet may seem like a simple blanket that is placed on top of your bedding, it can actually make a big difference on your bed. Whether you are using your coverlet as a layer or decoration, it is a great option for adding more comfort and style to your bedding. Hopefully our guide has helped you to choose the right bedding for your bedroom.


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