What Are the Dimensions of a Murphy Bed?

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A Murphy bed saves up much space with its folding feature for which it is also called a wall bed or cabinet bed. You can create a guest room that’s ready to sleep one or two people by incorporating a Murphy bed inside. But how is it possible in an already limited space?

You can utilize your living space well by selecting the right size of your Murphy bed, according to your bedroom size and layout. Murphy beds come with different dimensions and the dimensions of a full-size bed or queen size bed will be different. Here you go with a set of guidelines to make a smart choice:

Measure the Dimensions of Your Room:

First, measure the height, width and length of your bedroom/living space to see if you can incorporate a Murphy bed. As we know that a Murphy bed also has a frame with a certain depth to fold it down when the bed is not needed.  Mostly the queen size Murphy beds require a wall height of 91 inches. If your wall height is less than 90 inches, then a full-size bed will be a right choice, which is around 84 inches high. Or another option would be to get a horizontal murphy bed, which is shorter but wider in size. Therefore, it is critical to measure the dimensions of your sleeping space so you know that the bed you’re planning to buy will fit as planned.

Compare the Dimensions of The Murphy Bed with The Area of Your Bedroom.

You can visit the website of the company from where you want to buy a Murphy bed. There you can get all the dimensions of the bed. Take your measuring tape out and carefully calculate if you’ll have enough room to fit it inside. You can simply take notes of those dimensions and compare them to the area of your bedroom or sleeping space where you want to install your Murphy bed. This will help you select the right size for your room. If your room needs additional storage area, such as drawers or bookshelf then consider getting a Murphy bed with Bookcase built-in. However, keep in mind that it’s wider that usual because of the storage unit that’s located on one or both sides.

Full vs. Queen Size Murphy Bed Dimensions:

Now that you are aware of the dimensions of your bedroom and if you’ve selected a Murphy bed that you have fallen in love with; all you need to do is to select the right size – full or queen. Below you can see the measurements of Colquitt Murphy Bed, by Zipcode Design™. As you can see a full size is 83.6 inches high, you’ll then need 87.3 inches of floor space in order to lift down the bed, so you or your guests can sleep on it.

Full Size Bed Dimensions

Colquitt Murphy Bed dimensions in full size

Full Size Bed Dimensions
Length 87.3″ L
Height 83.6” H
Depth 20” D
Width 58.6” W


 Queen Size Bed Dimensions

Colquitt Murphy Bed dimensions in queen size

Queen Size Bed Dimensions
Length 92.3″ L
Height 89.1” H
Depth 20” D
Width 64.6” W


Horizontal Murphy Bed Dimensions:

A full size horizontal murphy bed when closed will have the following size: 18″ Deep x 53.9″ High x 84.6″ Wide. As you can see it’s much shorter only 53.9 inches, when compared to 86.3 inches of a vertical one. You can use the bed frame as shelving area, where you display some décor items, books, pictures, and more. If you’re looking for a twin size wall bed, then you’ll be more likely to find one that opens up horizontally. It’s just more practical and doesn’t feel so intrusive when it can be opened horizontally.

Choose the Right Mattress Size:

One important point you should take a note of, is that the mattress that will go inside the wall bed usually needs to be 10 inches thick or less. With some models it can be 12 inches thick, but make sure you double check what is the maximum mattress thickness that is compatible. Otherwise you won’t be able to close the bed properly and this can interfere with the pistol lift mechanism. The second thing you should check is what mattress size can fit inside the Murphy bed you’re planning to buy. If you buy a full size, then you need a full size mattress which is 75″ L x 54″ W. If you buy a queen size, then you need a queen size mattress which measures: 80″ L x 60″ W. And lastly, you can double check the maximum weight of the mattress that the pistol system can support, so you’re sure your mattress is within the save weight range.

The Bottom Line!

Today, many of us are worried about managing our lives within the limited living spaces as everyone of us is at home for most of the days of the week. It seems that our homes lack the extent of functionality that we require now or going to require during the coming pandemic days, but there is no doubt that a Murphy bed is the final resort!