Littrell Upholstered Platform Bed Reviews

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Choosing the right bed is always a daunting task. It’s an exercise of the imagination because each new piece of furniture we bring into our home represents a potentially new and exciting side of who we might be. The Littrell Upholstered Platform Bed by Wade Logan is one of the most popular bed choices at the moment, and in this 100% unbiased review, we set out to find out why.

Littrell Upholstered Platform Bed by Wade Logan Details:

The Littrell Upholstered Platform Bed is a solid piece that is easy to match with a wide range of different decorating styles. And since the bed comes in no less than three different colors (gray, black and light green), it’s easy to find one that goes with your existing bedroom furniture. The colors of the legs are dark brown wood grain, adding to the elegant look of this piece.

The upholstery over this rectangular wooden frame is crafted from a special blend of polyester and linen. The headboard is dotted by button tufts, giving both an elegant and a comfy look to the bed.

As for the interior, the Littrell Upholstered Platform Bed comes with a slat system that can work with pretty much any mattress. The slats are made from bentwood and the distance between each one is 4 inches. There are also center support legs, which add additional strength and sturdiness to this furniture piece. 

Price: The price range is between $100 to $450 with the cheapest being the Twin Size and the King Size the most expensive. These prices are accurate at the time of writing and depend on whether the item is on sale or not.  Overall, the Littrell bed is very decently priced, and come with excellent features.


You can buy it in several sizes: twin, full, queen or king. The twin size is a great choice if you’re looking for a bed for your kid’s bedroom. They’re sure to love this grown up bed. 

Keep in mind that this bed does not have any storage built-in. Also there is no under bed clearance here, so you can not store any items under the bed. If you’re looking for a good storage bed, check out the Geralyn Upholstered Storage Platform Bed.

littrell bed in grey, blue, light green color

What’s the maximum weight it can hold?

This Wade Logan European-style bed is reinforced by two support pillars on the center of the bedframe. This means it can support weights from 250 pounds to a whopping 500 pounds (depending on the type of bed size purchased).

The Twin Size (43” H x 80” W x 43.5” L) supports a max of 250 pounds, while the Full Size (43” H x 80” W x 58.5” L) goes all the way to 450 pounds. The King (43” H x 83.5” W x 78.5” L) and Queen (43” H x 62.5” W x 85” L) both support 500 pounds.

The bed frame is constructed from manufactured wood and comes with 1 year warranty

Littrell Upholstered Platform Bed Reviews

A big part of any product review is going through the customer reviews, to see what people who actually used it had to say about it. It’s important to note that this bed has a high rating of 4.6/5 stars from 6175 reviews. There were many happy customers who complimented the bed. They also left photos so people can get an idea how it looks once it’s assembled at home.


Overall the assembly seems to take about 2 hours for one single bed in this collection, which is a decent time for a bed that comes with a lot of parts. Many reviews note that the beds in this product line (regardless of size chosen) are all solid and sturdy and hold up well. Some even noted that the bed is strong enough to endure a move. As for the colors, the reviews put them down as pleasant and easy to match with your room.


A common issue that many seemed to have was that they wished the headboard was taller. Though of course, this depends heavily on the size/depth of your mattress, so you might want to consider that before purchasing. The height of the headboard is 43″ for the twin, full and queen size, while for the king size is 39.5″. Knowing these measurements will allow you to determine how it will look inside your bedroom once you bring it home. Also, it’s worth noting that for some customers, the bed slats broke after a while.

Verdict – is it worth it?

All in all, the Littrell Upholstered Platform Bed by Wade Logan seems a sturdy and elegant piece of furniture that comes at a great price and seems quite enduring. We would definitely recommend it if you feel it matches your criteria!



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