How to Choose the Right Kids Bed – 9 Tips!

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Shopping for a kids bed can be hard a hard task, because there is a very big choice of kids beds out there. It’s important to choose a good bed that’s functional, sturdy, within budget, but also one that your kids will love and will use for years to come.

Check out these 9 tips that are here to help you find the right one.

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TIP 1: There are four main types of kids beds you can find:

  • Platform bed, already has wooden slats or a platform where you can directly lay down the mattress, without the need for a box spring. A standard bed, will need a box spring.
  • Bunk bed – ideal if you have two kids who need to share a room and you are short on space.
  • Day beds – are great for lounging, reading, and sleeping. Their frames are usually made of wood or metal.
  • Loft bed – is a twin sized bed that raised high above the ground. This way, there is plenty of free space under the bed for a desk, futon, drawers, or any other furniture piece.

Monarch Hill Wren Kids Metal Bed by Little Seeds

This is a lovely standard twin bed “Monarch Hill Wren Bed” by Little Seeds. It’s made of metal, comes with 1 year warranty and requires a box spring. The weight capacity for the twin size is: 225lb. It’s also available in full size with weight capacity 450lb. It’s available in white, pink, gold, or black colors. Buy Now for $225.45 from Wayfair (image source and retailer).

TIP 2: Which bed size to choose?

  • Toddler beds are suitable for toddlers who are older than 18 months and can be used until they reach 4-5 years. They fit a toddler mattress size 27” x 52”. They are usually low to the ground and have a guard rail.
  • Twin bed is the most popular kids bed size, it fits a mattress size 38” x 75”, and can be used well into your kid’s teen years.
  • Extra long twin is 5 inches longer than a twin bed (38” x 80”) and is preferred if your kid needs more leg room.
  • Full bed is a good option if you have an older kid that wants more space when sleeping. It fits a mattress size 54” x 75”.
  • Queen bed is generally for two adults, but you might want to consider it if you have two kids that want to share a bed. It fits a mattress size: 60” x 80”

TIP 3: Check the weight capacity of the bed
Make sure you check what’s the weight capacity or weight limit that the bed can support.

TIP 4: What bed design do you like the most?

  • Platform beds have a simple design, and are normally less expensive compared to other bed types. Their base is a rectangular horizontal solid frame, that uses slats. The mattress is placed directly on top of the slats. Therefore no box spring is required, and there is more free space that can be used underneath the bed.
  • Panel beds – are a type of bed that require both a box spring and a mattress. Because of the box spring, there is usually no free space left underneath the bed for storage.
  • Mate’s and Captain’s beds – have underbed drawers, which is great if your kids have lots of belongings they need to store. They also use slats, so no box spring is required. You’ll be able to find mate’s and captain’s beds with headboards that have additional shelving and storage space built in them.
  • Car beds are a great addition to a kid’s bedroom if you want to bring in some excitement. These beds that are designed to look like a racer car, with realistic looking spoiler headboard, wheel accents, and faux headlights. You’ll also be able to find beds that resemble: a fire engine, a princess car bed, police car, etc. No box spring is required.
  • Canopy beds are similar to four poster beds. They bring a sense of style and elegance in any bedroom, and many girls love their look. Canopy beds can be decorated with drapes or wrapped with a string of bright lights.
  • Sleigh beds have a raised headboard and footboard that’s shaped like a sleigh. They would fit in great any boy’s or girl’s bedroom.
  • Four poster beds have beautiful rope molding and wood turnings on all four corners of the bed. Just like canopy beds, many girls like their charming and elegant design.
  • Toddler bed – are suitable for toddlers over 18 months old to kids around 4-5 years old. They are usually lower to the grown and have guardrails included. In some cases the guardrails are detachable so they can be removed once the child becomes older. They fit a toddler mattress size 27” x 52”.

TIP 5: Type of material:
Wood is the preferred material for building a bed, because it’s durable and sturdy. You’ll be able to find beds that are also made of manufactured wood, metal, etc.

TIP 6: Do you want additional storage?
You’ll be able to find lots of kids beds with storage. The most common type of storage is underbed drawers. Also, you might also find a bed that has a headboard with shelving and storage space built in.

TIP 7: Do you need a trundle?
Trundles are very useful if your kids have guests sleeping over often. You can easily pull out the trundle from underneath the bed and have a bed that’s ready for use.

TIP 8: Colors available: pink or blue?
You’ll be surprised by the wide choice of colors you can buy a bed in. Besides the most popular colors: white, grey, natural wood, black, you’ll be able to find pink, green, gold, blue, purple and many other colors.

TIP 9: Did you know that some bunk beds are detachable?
If you’re looking to buy a bunk bed, it’s good to know that some have the option to be separated into two beds. This is very practical because once your kids get older, they’ll probably want their own bed or room, and all you need to do is separate the bunk bed and you’ll have two beds, without the need to buy new ones.


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