How to Choose The Best Triple Bunk Bed?

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If you have three kids who are sharing a bedroom and you’re short on space, then you might want to consider getting a Triple Bunk Bed. This type of bunk bed has enough sleeping space to accommodate three kids, while it won’t take up much of your room’s floor space. You’ll be able to find plenty of Triple bunk beds online, to fit any style or budget requirements you have. But before you begin shopping you’ll want to read this helpful article on “How to Choose the Best Triple Bunk Bed?”

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Types of Triple Bunk Beds:
  • Twin over Twin over Twin or 3 Tier Bunk Bed – these are three twin beds one over another.

Taylor & Olive Hale Cappuccino 3 Tier Twin Bunk Bed

The “Hale 3 Tier Twin Bunk Bed” by Taylor & Olive is very functional and practical, and is perfect for three kids.  It’s made of solid pine wood, and is finished in rich brown cappuccino color. It has 400 lb capacity for the top, middle and bottom beds. Another reason to love this bed is because it can be detached into a twin bed and a twin over twin bunk bed. Just make sure that your room ceiling can accommodate this bed.
Price: $703.99 from Overstock (image source and retailer)



  • Twin over Full Bunk bed – the top bunk is a twin size bed, while the bottom bunk is a full size bed, where three people can sleep comfortably.

Treva Triple Bunk Bed by Harriet Bee

The “Treva Triple Bunk Bed” by Harriet Bee is a perfect example of a twin over full bunk bed. It’s made of solid Brazilian pine wood, and the ladder can be assembled on the right or left side of the bed. Here the weight capacity is 200 lb for the bottom bed and 175 lb for the top bed.
Price: $524.59 from Wayfair (image source and retailer)



  • L-Shaped Triple Bunk Beds – this is a bunk bed that has an L shape and is usually placed in the corner of a room.

Kroger Twin over Full L Shaped Bunk Bed with Drawers Viv + Rae

This is the “Kroger L-Shaped Twin over Full Bed with Drawers” by Viv + Rae. As the name implies it has an “L-Shape” offering you more flexibility on where and how to position the bed in a room. It’s crafted from solid pine wood and the top and bottom bed each have 200 lb weight capacity. It also offers lots of storage space: 6 drawers and 4 shelves.
Price: $749.99 from Wayfair (image source and retailer)



Bunk bed safety:
  • Children who are over 6 years old and older may sleep on the top bunk bed. This is the recommended age for sleeping on the top bunk.
  • Another safety factor to consider is what is the weight capacity of the top and bottom bunk beds. Usually it’s around 160lb-250lb, but it depends on the bed, so make sure you check it.
Will the bunk bed fit in your room?

Make sure you check the measurements of the bunk bed, and the space you have in your bedroom, so that the bed fits nicely and as planned. Also, very important point is to measure the height of the ceiling so that you’re sure there is good amount of space between the ceiling the the top bunk bed.

Detachable bunk beds

One very handy option you should know about, is that there are some triple bunk beds that can be detached and separated into two beds. For example, if you a buy a detachable Twin over Full bunk bed, you should have the option to separate it into two beds: one twin and one full size. Also to remove the guardrails of the top bed. This way once your kids get older, and want their own room, you’ll have two beds ready for use, instead of being stuck with a bulky bunk bed.

Loft Beds can be used to create a Triple Bunk Beds

Loft beds have a design high up the ground, with lots of free space underneath. This space can be used to place a double bed underneath, thus creating an L Shaped or Corner bunk bed.

Triple Bunk Beds with trundles

There is a trundle bed that can be pulled out under the lower bunk bed, creating a sleeping space for another person. However these are not convenient if you plan to use it every night. Trundle beds are generally great for sleepovers and guests.

Choose a strong material:

Solid wood – this is the most sturdy and durable material, that can be used to build a bed. It also comes at a higher price compared to the other materials.

Manufactured (or engineered) wood – some beds are made of manufactured wood or a combination of solid wood and manufactured wood.

Metal – there is wide range of metal bunk beds available on the market, which also offer a good support. One drawback for metal bunk beds is that ladder, it often hurts your feet going up and down the ladder.


If your kids’ room is short on storage space, then you might want to consider buying a bunk bed with built in storage. For example, an underbed drawer would offer plenty of space for clothes, toys or any other belongings.

Which is better: ladder or stairs?

If you prefer a bunk bed with ladder, make sure you check on which side of the bed it can be fixed, on the headboard or footboard side.

There are bunk beds with stairs, which are much easier to climb up and down. Also, most of the time there is built in storage space under each step on the stairs, with pull out drawers.

What mattress to use?

When it comes to choosing a mattress for the top bunk, it’s good to know that it should not be higher than 6 or 7 inches. The mattress thickness should not exceed a certain height, due to safety reasons.

Hopefully after reading this guide, you’ll be able to find the perfect Triple bunk bed for your kids!


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