Defalco Platform Bed Reviews

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They say there’s nothing a good night’s sleep can’t fix, and we tend to agree. That is why, in this review, we’ll be looking at the Defalco Platform Bed from Foundry Select and helping you decide whether or not this is the right bed for your bedroom. 

Defalco Platform Bed from Foundry Select 

The Defalco is an uber-modern, low-profile bed that will revamp your old bedroom and give it a new, 21st century feel. With a lacquered wood headboard and integrated, low nightstands, the Defalco platform bed is super-spacious, allowing plenty of room for all your nighttime necessities.


  • The frame itself is built from manufactured wood, while the upholstery is 100% polyester.
  • The Defalco comes in four color options: walnut, gray wash veneer, dark walnut, and smoke grey veneer.
  • The bed is made of engineered wood and has a weight capacity of 440 lbs.
  • It comes with two built-in nightstands, however keep in mind that they do not have storage or drawers.

The Defalco bed doesn’t require a box spring, instead it should be used with the slats that come with it. Keep in mind that this is a low profile bed, which measures 6 inches from the floor to the top of the bed. The back of the headboard is not finished, therefore it’s best that you place it against the wall. Another important feature to note is that this product is California compliant and non-toxic.



You can buy the Defalco bed in 3 sizes: queen, king or California king.

  • The queen size has the following size: 32 inches high x 87 inches wide x 96 inches long.
  • The king size is: 32 inches high x 102 inches wide x 96 inches long.
  • And the California king size is: 32 inches high x 91 inches wide x 108 inches long.

Here the height of the headboard is 32 inches and the recommended mattress thickness is 11 inches. If you have a mattress that is over the recommended thickness of 11 inches it will cover slightly the headboard, which is something to keep in mind. 

Compare Similar Bed:

If you’re looking for a storage bed that has a similar design to the Defalco bed, check out the Geralyn Upholstered Storage Bed (shown on the right). All the side panels (on the sides and front) have hidden storage space, so you can put your blankets and pillows there. You can get it in six lovely colors: navy, gray velvet, black, white, pink, green. 

Defalco platform bed verses geralyn upholstered storage bed

Defalco Platform Bed Reviews

Sure, at a first glance, the Defalco looks like a great, ultra-modern addition to your home, but in order to understand if it’s truly all it’s cranked up to be, we also need to check on the customer reviews, to ascertain its quality. Overall this bed has a high rating of 4.6/5 stars from 630 customers. Here are some of the pros and cos that many customers left in their reviews.


  • You don’t need to purchase nightstands, since it already comes with two built-in;
  • Has a unique and beautiful design;
  • Assembly is fairly easy, but will take a couple of hours, since the bed itself is quite sizable;
  • Lasts a long time, and will hold up well during moving;
  • Adds a lovely touch of elegance to practically any room;
  • The general consensus seems to be that it was a good price for quality/size.


  • Some customers noted that it took a really long time to get this delivered;
  • Some received their order with missing pieces.

Not a downside per se, but several people noted that the bed is really low, so make sure that’s something you’re comfortable with before buying, as some people didn’t like that and it put a serious damper on the whole experience. Note: the height from the floor to the bed is 6 inches. But as long as low is what you’re looking for, the Defalco seems to be of good quality for its price.

Bottom Line – is it worth it?

If low, minimalist designs are your style, then we heartily recommend Foundry Select’s Defalco. It’s decently priced and comes with lots of positive reviews from satisfied customers. Its price will vary depending on the size, color option and if it’s currently on sale. The price can range between $899.99 – $1,224.99. All in all, it seems the ideal purchase, provided it fits your style!


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