7 Best Floating Beds to Elevate Your Bedroom

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Elevate your bedroom style with the enchanting allure of floating beds! These gravity-defying wonders create a sleek, modern aesthetic by appearing to hover above the floor.

Supported by hidden mechanisms or slender legs, floating beds create an illusion of weightlessness, adding a touch of sophistication to any space. The popularity of floating beds stems from their ability to infuse a room with a contemporary, uncluttered vibe, making them a favored choice for those seeking a perfect blend of design innovation and minimalist elegance.

We’ve shortlisted the best 7 floating beds to transform your bedroom into a chic sanctuary!

1. Gladbrook Floating Platform Bed, by Latitude Run

Gladbrook Floating Platform Bed

The Gladbrook Floating Bed is crafted from eco-friendly materials. It has a simple and minimalistic design that will fit well with different bedroom interiors. It comes with a slatted base, so you don’t have to buy a box spring. The legs are hidden, which gives the illusion that this bed is floating. It doesn’t come with a headboard, but you can choose one separately to fit your style. It has a very affordable price from just $370! (by Wayfair image source and retailer)


2. Aristocles Platform Bed, by Mercury Row®

Aristocles floating Platform Bed

Constructed with engineered wood in a charming walnut brown finish, it exudes rustic allure. The neutral tone effortlessly complements various decors, spanning from modern to coastal farmhouses. The absence of a headboard cleverly maximizes vertical space, especially beneficial in cozier bedrooms. The bed incorporates a practical 15-piece slat system, eliminating the necessity for a box spring. (by Wayfair image source and retailer)


3.  Homfa Floating Bed with Lights

Homfa Floating Bed with Lights

The Floating Bed with Lights boasts an ingenious design, creating an illusion of suspension in the air, providing a light and airy ambiance. The LED bed frame offers nine colors, different music modes, three timer settings, and adjustable brightness, allowing customization for varied preferences or scenarios, setting diverse atmospheres and effects. LED control is facilitated through a remote or apps. The bed’s underside accommodates a sweeping robot for easy maintenance, and additional storage boxes can be placed beneath. Crafted with a metal frame, sides made from wood and wooden slat system, which eliminates the need for a box spring. Starting from just $240! (by Walmart image source and retailer)


4. Mckie Upholstered Metal Platform Bed, by Wade Logan®

Mckie Upholstered Metal Platform Bed

Infuse a contemporary vibe into your bedroom with this platform bed. Crafted from kiln-dried steel and adorned in 100% polyester fabric, it emanates a fresh and pristine aesthetic. The Mickie panel headboard showcases a sleek rectangular silhouette, creating a visually appealing low-profile and floating illusion.

Packed with synthetic fiber, the headboard ensures a comfortably cushioned experience for your moments of relaxation. Featuring center legs for added support, this bed eliminates the need for a box spring, offering simplicity and flexibility – just pair it with a mattress of your choosing. (by Wayfair image source and retailer)


5. Mcgruder Panel Floating Bed, by Wade Logan®

Mcgruder Panel Bed

Enhance the aesthetic of your modern or contemporary bedroom with the stylish Mcgruger bed. Constructed from solid and engineered wood with inherent natural grain variations, including knots, this bed is supported by short metal legs in a sleek silver tone.

Boasting a headboard with integrated LED lights, it provides convenient reading illumination, eliminating the necessity for additional lamps or overhead lighting. The bed’s low-profile design is perfect for smaller rooms, creating the illusion of more space. Complete with a slat system, this bed does not need a box spring, offering a streamlined and functional bedroom centerpiece. Available in queen, king and California King. (by Wayfair image source and retailer)


6. Lensky Queen Storage Platform Bed, by South Shore

Lensky Queen Storage Platform Bed

This modern bed showcases a sleek, straight-line design, complementing contemporary bedroom aesthetics. Concealed beneath the bed is a spacious drawer, perfect for storing clothes and sheets. The drawer handle remains discreet, featuring a cut-out at the bottom for effortless access without compromising the visual appeal.

The top surface of the bed shares the same color as the rest of the piece for a cohesive and attractive finish. To ensure mattress stability and sheet retention, an additional piece at the foot of the bed is incorporated, extending the full width but remaining concealed when the mattress is in place. The metal drawer slides provide robust support and facilitate a smooth back-and-forth motion, with the drawer accommodating up to 25 lbs. (by Wayfair image source and retailer)


6. Floating Platform Bed, by Orren Ellis

Floating Platform Bed, by Orren Ellis

Experience the allure of this Floating Platform Bed by Orren Ellis, a modern marvel that creates a weightless illusion, elevating both style and comfort. Crafted with innovation, this bed seamlessly integrates into any contemporary space. With a sleek design and sturdy construction, it’s the perfect addition for those seeking a touch of modern sophistication in their bedroom. Available in queen and king size.  (by Wayfair image source and retailer)



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