4 Round Baby Cribs That are Unique and Beautiful

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If you’re shopping for a baby crib, you’ll notice that almost all cribs have a rectangular shape. However, recently round cribs have also become quite popular as well. Round cribs have a circular or oval shape. This unique shape gives parents greater visibility over their baby, compared to the standard rectangular cribs. Also since they are round, there are no corners or edges you can bump into.

Here are some things to consider when buying a round crib:

  • You’ll need to get a round shaped crib mattress and special bedding that fits their unique shape and dimensions.
  • Circular cribs might not fit through all doors – if you’re planning on moving the crib from room to room in your home, then check the dimensions of the circular crib so that you’re sure it will fit through. Oval cribs shouldn’t not have this problem, and should be able to fit through all doors.
  • Round cribs generally do not have a drop side rail, if feature is important to you, then keep it in mind.

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1. Sophia Posh Circular Crib by Dream on Me

Sophia Posh Circular Crib by Dream on Me

This beautiful circular crib by Dream on Me, is sure to bring a touch of elegance into your baby’s room. It’s made of solid wood and has 4 mattress height positions. It has a canopy frame, so you can hang a stylish canopy or curtain, or if you which you can remove the frame from the bed and not use it. The crib comes in 7 color options, so you’re sure to find the perfect color for your baby girl or boy. You can choose from: white, blush pink, cherry, espresso, lavender ice, natural, and silver pearl. Keep in mind that this crib does not convert into a toddler bed. Weight capacity: 40 lb.
Compatible mattress size: 42″ W x 42″ D
Price: $336.99 (from Wayfair, image source and retailer)

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2. Lytham 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Bassinet with Mattress, by Harriet Bee

Lytham 4-in-1 Convertible Round Baby Crib and Bassinet by Harriet Bee

This is a sophisticated and very practical 4 in 1 bed. It’s made of solid beech wood and has an oval and round shape. First it can be used as a round baby bassinet, then it can be converted into a baby crib, if the front rail is removed it can be used as toddler bed, and once your toddler has outgrown it, it can be converted into a very cool table with 2 chairs on each side. Prefect for playing, drawing or any other toddler play activities! The best part is that it has locking wheels, which makes moving the crib very easy around different rooms in your home. This bed already comes with a mattress, so you’re all set to use it once it arrives! It’s available in natural or white color.
Price:  $789.99 (from Wayfair, image source and retailer)

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3. J’adore 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Mattress, by Bratt Decor

J'adore 3-in-1 Convertible Round Baby Crib with Mattress, by Bratt Decor

This is a luxury 3 in 1 convertible crib, crafted from durable wrought iron. It already comes with a cradle pad and crib mattress included in the price. The crib has three heights for the mattress. This is a 3 in 1 bed, which can be used by newborns to sleep in a round cradle, after which it turns into a beautiful oval crib and then into an elegant daybed. You may choose to buy the daybed kit, this way your toddler can use it as a daybed. This crib meets and exceeds the highest safety strands set by the U.S. consumer product safety commission and American society for testing and materials. It’s available in black, gold, pewter, and white.
Mattress size: 4” H x 26” L x 48” W is included.
Price: $899.99 (from Wayfair, image source and retailer)

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4. Pod 2-in-1 Convertible Crib by Ubabub 

This is a modern and luxurious cocoon shaped cot, that has lots of unique and smart features. The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s bar free, designed with safety in mind, this cot does not have any bars, so your baby can’t stick out its arms or legs outside. You’ll also notice that the crib has two clear acrylic sides that give you greater visibility. There are small star-shaped cutouts for additional airflow, which are small enough to keep your baby’s fingers safe. The cot has two mattress positions. Once your baby has outgrown the cot, it can be converted into a toddler bed. The pod cot has eco-friendly credentials and uses non-toxic finishes.
Mattress size: you’ll need the Pod Oval Mattress – 66x137cm
Price: $3200 (from Wayfair, image source and retailer)

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Please note: the prices mentioned in this post were last updated on September 4, 2019. For up to date prices, please click on the link of each product.

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